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Jackal Updates

Our CMS (Content Management System) that we have designed and developed for our customers upgraded to Version 3.0.0 with new designs and features!

The Zyme has designed and developed a proprietary CMS named "jackal" which is used by our clients to renewal their dynamic websites. The new version except the renewed design contains simplifications and improvements in navigation, in mechanisms for provision of content, in text formating with custom css styles etc.
As always, jackal continues to support the creation of corporate web sites, portfolios, blogs and e-shops with a particular characteristic of the "ease of use" because it's designed specifically for each project without including additional features that are useless and confuse the user.

View some screens from the program - content management system for our website:
Jackal Updates The new version of our CMS released with new design and features! http://thezyme.gr/en/blogLike/jackal-Updates.htm http://thezyme.gr/sys/img/favicon.ico http://thezyme.gr/as/cms_jackall_m110i91.png