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Angelos Noulas
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Website for an architects studio
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The Zyme™ is a creative firm established in 2000 by Babis Touglis. The Zyme™ is constituted by graphic and web designers, a web developer, a copywriter and a photographer. It is focused on Art Direction, Graphic-Web Design and Illustration. Original design from Athens - Greece!


07/2017: Christodoulou Family' website for its fantastic juices is finally online! Visit website
07/2016. BO-ECLI: New EU founded project copleted for European Case Law Identifier! Visit BO-ECLI
05/2016. GEMM Projet: New EU founded project copleted for University of ESSEX! Visit GEMM Project
08/2015. The project for the tourism promotion of the Municipality of Samos completed! View Project
12/2013. The website that we designed for the Hellenic Exchanges is on-line! Visit helex.gr
05/2013. Our office provides support to the website of TOYOTA HELLAS Visit Toyota's website!
12/2012. A Zyme's poster for the "Gender Equality Now!" competition was selected among the 100 best posters and included in the book-catalog of the competition. Also 40 exhibitions will open across the world displaying the 100 best posters as selected by organization's jury! Visit the project here.
11/2012. Our new project about 1st Christmas Kids Festival in Athens is online! Visit the 1st CKF 's website!
06/2012. A new big web project is on-air: the website of the Parachute type foundry. Visit Parachute
04/2011. The Zyme was included in the book 'Gallery, The world's best graphics' (Vol.10) with 3 web apps! Visit Gallery
02/2011. Babis Touglis was a jury member of EBGE 2011 in the category of digital applications. Visit Ebge!
04/2010. We got a new Ebge Award 2010 for our web site (Vers. 3) ! Thanks a lot! Visit Ebge!
12/2009. We've just completed Tomek's website, a comic artist, animator and illustrator. Visit Tomek!
02/2009. The new web site of Kastaniotis Publications is just on air by The Zyme. Visit kastaniotis.com!
01/2009. A poster (from our participation in a call from Apeiron Photos and the Greek Section of Amnesty International) was selected by OSCE (The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)!
09/2008. The Zyme was presented at +design magazine in 8 pages at issue 60! Visit +design website!


The Zyme is an award-winning design team with various awards such as 6 EBGE AWARDS and 3 ERMIS AWARDS. Many of its projects have been in short list at design competitions. Also the team participated in exhibitions, like the "Mapping Europe" and the poster exhibition for Human Rights for The Amnesty International.


14 Agion Anargyron Str., 11147 Galatsi Athens, Tel: 210 2221740, Mob: 6942 420687, e-Mail:  info @ thezyme.gr